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Lang Son Travel Guide


Lang Son travel guide

Lang Son is in the far north of Vietnam about 15km from the border with China. The town was partially destroyed in 1979 when Chinese forces invaded. However, this does seem to have affected trade between the communities either side of the border. The border post itself is heavily fortified so don't expect to spend the afternoon shopping in China. Just outside Lang Son you will find two large caves, Tam Thanh and Nhi Thanh. Both of the caves are illuminated so exploration is quite easy and very worthwhile.



Population and population distribution

- The average population is 733 700 persons (the year 2001). The population density is 88 persons per square kilometer.
- Population growth ratio is 0.97%.

Ethnic groups

- The Nung people account for 42.97%.
- The Tay people account for 53.92%.
- The Kinh people account for 16.5%.
- And the rest of the province’s population is the Dao, Hoa, SanChay, and H’Mong.

Education level

- Postgraduate: 46 persons
- Bachelor: 6.133 persons
- College: 3.426 persons


Doan Citadel Vestige


Doan Citadel Vestige:

It was built in Ly dynasty (Great Vietnam). This is a military architectural works belonging to ChiLang ward – LangSon city. It has high value in term of history as well as unique architecture. Doan Citadel in LangSon is first built to be a defending rampart (military), and then it became a city – an administrative center. It has been ranked as a national vestige.


Rampart of Mac dynasty:

Rampart of Mac dynasty

It lies in TamThanh ward – LangSon city, but the present remains are only two stone walls in the defile. This is the vestige of a military architectural works reflects Vietnamese feudal period. Nowadays, the rampart of Mac dynasty has been ranked as a national historical vestige. It is invested to restore for the aim of serving tourists.


Historical vestige of ChiLang Pass :

ChiLang Pass

This vestige is in the south of LangSon province including 52 places over 20 kilometers long. It enclosed by KaiKinh range of rocky mountains in the east and BaoDai-ThaiHoa range of mountains in the west. High rocky mountains block two gates of ChiLang Pass to create a dangerous positions of which the Thuong River runs through. It has been listed as a national vestige since 1962.


Commemorative vestiges of President HoChiMinh:

LangSon city: DongKinh stadium where Uncle Ho visited LangSon in 1960.
ThatKhe town: Uncle Ho visited this place in 1961.

Commemorative vestiges of HoangVanThu:

VanLang district: There is a commemorative house in this district – HoangVanThu’s homeland where he was born and grew up.
LangSon city: When he was a primary pupil, he boarded at No 8 ChinhCai Street.
CaoLoc district: TamLung station was the place where he carried his revolutionary activities in 1930s.

Thanh Pagoda (DienKhanh pagoda)

Locating on the bank of KyCung river, this pagoda is an architecture with high artistic value. It was built in the 4th year of CanhThanh dynasty (1796). Its stele and bell are considered as precious relics. The pagoda was ranked as a national vestige in 1993.

East Gate Temple:

It locates on East Gate temple worships the deity of KyCung River.

West Gate Temple:

Its location is in ChiLang ward – LangSon city.

TaPhu Temple (TaPhuLinhTu)

It was built in the 4th year of ChinhHoa dynasty (1683) in the center of KyLua Market Street – LangSon city. TaPhu temple is an architecture built to commemorate famous man. It worships a general of the later Le dynasty whose name is ThanCongTai. He was born in NhuThiet commune – YenDung district – LangGiang province (in present, this area is NghiThiet commune – VietYen district – BacGiang province). He contributed to forming KyLua market. The temple was ranked as a national vestige in 1993.

KyCung Temple:

It locates on DauCau street – VinhTrai ward – LangSon city. KyCung Stone Wharf, which is one of eight beautiful landscapes of the country of Lang discovered by Ngo Thi Si since 18th century, is in front of the temple. The temple was restored in 1928, 1931 and 1967. It worships Sir TuanTranh – a general of the Tran dynasty.


It is an ancient stele dated in the year CanhTri – the 18th Le dynasty (1670). This stele has high value of history, art and literature.

BacLe temple:

A group of vestiges locates on a hill in TanThanh commune – HuuLung district. It was ranked in 1992 by People’s Committee of LangSon province.

NongLuc temple:

It was built in Nguyen dynasty in NongLuc village – HungVu commune – BacSon district. It is estimated as a special archite

Archaeological sites of BacSon culture:

BacSon culture is a special archaeological culture among other world cultures. The vestige belongs to the period of 7000 to 10000 years ago. It includes:

- PhaiVe mountain in LangSon city
- BacSon district: Bat Cave (Vu Le commune), TinVan cave (HuuVinh commune), Lan Hamlet (VuLe commune).
- BinhGia district: ThamKhach cave, stone roof, Giuoc Giao.
- Vestiges in VanQuan district, HuuLung district, ChiLang district.


Festival LongTong (the opening of a new crop)

Festival LongTong

This is the festival of the Nung, Tay people held in spring just after Lunar New Year festival in mountain villages. The festival aimed to pray for favourable rain and propitious wind, for a main crop more abundant than usual and for an unshakeable solidarity of the community.

TamThanh Pagoda Festival

Held on the 15th of Lunar January, it also has another name "Festival for Souls of the dead". The festival attracts many pilgrims to come to worship, to visit and take part all its activities.

Fairy Pagoda Festival

It is held on the 18th of Lunar January.

source: langson. gov. vn

What to eat

Roast duck - Lang Son province

Roast duck - Lang Son province

Roast duck - Lang Son province

is a specialty of Lang Son province, especially roast duck of That Khe. Duck is killed and plucked, then some ingredients of which Mac Mat leaf is special, will be placed inside and the duck will be re-mended.
After that, duck is put into boiling ground-nut oil or fat to be roast until it turn crisp. Roast duck have crisp skin and delicious flavor.
source: langson. gov. vn


Hotels and Guest Houses in Lang Son

Hotel & guest house location Telephone price Services
Bac Son hotel 41 Le Loi street, Lang Son city 025871849  $25 Restaurant
Dong Kinh hotel 2 Nguyen Du street, Dong Kinh, Lang Son city 025870166 $35 Restaurant
Kim Son hotel 3 Minh Khai street , Lang Son city 025870387 $25 Restaurant
Tam Thanh hotel 117 Tran Dang Ninh street, Lang Son city 025870979 $25 Restaurant
Anh Dao hotel 1 Nhi Thanh street, Lang Son city 025870543 $25 Restaurant
Ngoc Mai hotel 35 Le Loi street, Lang Son city 025873396 $35 Restaurant
Bich Hung hotel 39 Le Dai Hanh street, Lang Son city 025870736 $25 Restaurant
Hoa Binh hotel 127 Tran Dang Ninh street, Lang Son city 025870807 $25 Restaurant
Mau Son hotel* 125 Tran Dang Ninh street, Lang Son city 025876818 $25 Restaurant
Guest house A1 Chi Lang ward, Lang Son city 025870221 $25 Restaurant, conference room
Huu Hung ** 44 nhi Thanh road,Lang Son city 025870559 $25 Restaurant & massage
Sao Mai ** 38 Ngo Da Tu, Lng son City 025873127 $25 Restaurant
Huu Nghi* 68 Ngo Quyen, Lang Son 025871120 $25 Restaurant
Cua Nam guest house Chi Lang ward, Lang Son provincial capital 025810249 $25 Restaurant, conference room


Getting There

By Bus, motorbike, car

Everyday early morning buses run from Long Bien station in Hanoi and take about 5 hours to reach Lang Son.


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