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Can Tho Travel Guide
The provincial capital, Can Tho city, plays the role of a transportation, educational and bureaucratic hub for the Mekong Delta. If you're arriving from the bus station, the city seems larger than you may expect, but while it does sprawl, the area of interest to independent travellers is all within easy walking distance of the riverfront.

The main reason visitors come to Can Tho is to tour the nearby floating markets. While these are highly recommended, the riverfront promenade itself is also pleasant with some good places to eat and relax in. The city has a good range of accommodation from cheap backpacker haunts right through to comfortable mid-range digs and its urbane atmosphere contrasts to the more rural feel of the towns further out in the Delta.


Cai Rang market

Cai Rang floating market is situated about 8 km from Can Tho by t is quite nice and sells a variety of fruit and vegetables and operates from 5 am to 11 am, though the markets are better the earlier you can get there. A cyclo from Can Tho will take about 15 minutes to get to Cai Rang Market. Another market, Phung Hiep market, is 31 km from Can Tho. This is the snake market, selling a plethora of living, wriggling and often poisonous snakes. Pythons and Cobras are sold here by people from the countryside who have caught them by hand, whilst others have come to purchase snakes for restaurants, medicinal reasons or personal consumption. This market is open from 5 am to 5 pm. If travelling by boat, you can add a dimension to your day by stopping and visiting some of the fruit gardens, which sell pineapple, rambutan and papaya amongst many other fruits.

Can Tho City Museum

A comprehensive and colorful museum of local history, industry, custom, Chinese population, and the region's role during colonial repression as well as during the war years with the United States. Maps are detailed but indecipherable. You won't find any signs in English, but that doesn't matter, as most exhibits, like the scenes and images of the delta's history, are interesting and self-explanatory. Go with a guide if you want to get background information. The second floor is a patriotic display of war remnants. There's also a model Chinese apothecary and temple in homage to the region's large Chinese population, local musical instruments, and a large diorama of a wedding procession. You'll see a bust of Ho Chi Minh and other Vietnamese patriots in the lobby. A visit here combined with a tour of the Army Museum is a good little city walk.

Hours : Daily 7-11am and 2-5pm

Address: 06 Phan Dinh Phung St

Prices: Free admission

Army Museum

The city's Ho Chi Minh Museum was under major renovations at the time of research, but the Army Museum next door is an interesting visit and just across Hoa Binh Street (away from the river) from the Can Tho Museum . An interesting display of weaponry, maps, photos, stained glass, and memorabilia from Vietnam's long struggles are on display. At the center is a small "hooch" or thatched building housing a mannequin meeting of high level Viet Cong guerrillas on the delta. Outside is a rusty missile, a crashed "Huey" helicopter, a U.S. recon plane, and a few Peugeot cars up on blocks (not sure if they are an exhibit or a repair project).

Note that the upper floors are closed and locked. Wonder what goes on up there?

Hours: Daily 7-11am and 2-5pm

Location : On Hoa Binh just across from the City Museum

Prices: Free Admission

Restaurants in Can Tho

Mekong Restaurant

Cuisine: Vietnamese

Hours: Daily 7am-9pm

Address: 38 Hai Ba Trung

Location: at riverside right next to Nam Bo, Around Town

Phone: 071.821-646

Prices: Main courses 25,000 VND-60,000 VND ($1.65-$4)

Credit Cards: No credit cards

Nam Bo Restaurant

Cuisine: Vietnamese, International

Hours : Daily 9am-1pm and 5-10pm

Address: 50 Hai Ba Trung

Location: Around Town

Phone: 071.812-024

Prices: Main courses 21,000 VND-45,000 VND ($1.35-$3); set menus from 69,000 VND ($4.35) per person

Credit Cards : MC, V

Hotels in Can Tho

Hotel Name Hotel Location Rating Price Booking
Single Double Triple
(US $) (US $) (US $)
Victoria Can Tho Hotel Can Tho City 120++ 120++ 155++ Book
Gold Can Tho Hotel Can Tho City 67 67 92 Book
International Hotel Can Tho City 38 38 - Book
Saigon Can Tho Hotel Can Tho City 45 45 65 Book
Tay Do Hotel Can Tho City 40 40 55 Book
Phuong Dong Hotel Can Tho City 30 30 45 Book
Ninh Kieu Hotel Can Tho City 31 31 44 Book
Cuu Long Hotel Can Tho City 25 25 40 Book
Hoa Binh Can Tho Hotel Can Tho City 25 25 40 Book


Getting there

Buses from the Mien Tay bus station in Ho Chi Minh City and take around 5 to 6 hours to reach Can Tho. The quickest way to Can Tho from Ho Chi Minh City is by hydrofoil which takes around 3 hours.


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